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Batch No. A031943

Name Nickname DOB DOD
Francesco Nitto Frank Nitti 01-27-1886 03-19-1943

Francesco Nitto, also known as Frank Nitti or “Frank the Enforcer,” was Al Capone’s right hand man, bodyguard, and later succeeded him as the boss of the Chicago outfit. Nitto ran Capone’s bootlegging operation during Prohibition, importing liquor from Canada and selling it through a network of speakeasies throughout Chicago. Often considered more of a “front boss,” Nitto used mafia soldiers to make his hits, rather than doing the dirty work himself. In 1943, Nitto along with other members of the Chicago outfit were indicted for extorting money from the Hollywood film industry. Nitto took his fate into his own hands and ended his life rather than face the grand jury and a second stint in the “Big House.”

“There is no vision but by faith.”
– Frank Nitti family tombstone