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Bootlegger White

Batch No. A012662

Name Nickname DOB DOD
Charles Luciano Lucky 11-24-1897 01-26-1962

Considered to be the father of modern organized crime in the United States, Charles “Lucky” Luciano formed “The Commission” in 1931. His group brought together five of the biggest and most notorious New York crime families, as well as Al Capone’s outfit in Chicago. Luciano wore elegant suits, silk shirts, handmade shoes, and his favorite accessory—a beautiful woman on his arm at all times. Before Luciano, crime was just crime. After, it was organized.

During the era of Prohibition, Luciano and his partners managed to run the largest bootlegging operation in New York. By 1925, he was grossing over $12 million a year with a net income of close to $4 million, which he garnered after the costs of bribing politicians and police. This eventually led to Luciano reaching the status as one of the “big six” of bootlegging.

“There’s no such thing as good money, or bad money. There’s just money.”
– Charles “Lucky” Luciano