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Cabernet Sauvignon

Batch No. A022557

Name Nickname DOB DOD
George Moran Bugs 08-21-1893 02-25-1957

Bugs Moran was the last leader of the Chicago-based North Side Gang, which was best known for running alcohol rackets during Prohibition. He became legendary in part due to his gang’s bitter rivalry against Al Capone’s South Side Gang, which was also trying to gain control over Chicago’s alcohol bootlegging racket. The rivalry came to a bloody head on February 14, 1929 when seven of Moran’s gang were slaughtered by South Side members dressed up as police officers. Moran left Chicago several years after Prohibition ended, but continued his career, committing robbery and fraud.

“I hope when my time comes, that I die decently … I don’t want to be murdered … in some Chicago alley.”
– George “Bugs” Moran