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Pinot Grigio

Batch No. A061162

Name Nickname DOB DOD
Pearl Adler Polly 04-16-1900 06-11-1962

During the height of Prohibition, pearl “Polly” Adler ran a brothel and drinking club in New York City under the protection of mobsters Lucky Luciano and Dutch Schultz. Her club was hidden inside of the majestic, an apartment building on West 75th Street. The building had a discreetly elegant façade, behind which stood a labyrinth of hidden stairways and secret rooms.

The madam’s patrons came to drink and play backgammon and cards, as well as to enjoy the establishment’s regular functions. Adler’s clubhouse quickly became a New York hot spot, with the phrase, “Going to Polly’s?” sweeping across the city.

“Your heart often knows things before your mind does.”
– Polly Adler