The Birdman Pinot Grigio

Warden’s Comments

It was another long and cool year in California and we were forced to wait patiently until these grapes were ready to pick. All this has guaranteed that The Birdman is once again a plump avian, round and full and quite unlike his Italian kin. Its depth shown through a long and full nose of citrus fruits, a round, soft palate replete with grapefruit, honeydew and melon and a touch of acidity on the finish that leaves one quenched.


These grapes were harvested in late September and early October due to a sudden and dramatic cooling of the weather right before our normal harvest. The berries were de-stemmed and then gently squeezed with our pneumatic press releasing all of their aromatic juice. The juice was fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, also known as cells. These low temperature fermentations combined with lazy, aromatically gifted yeast preserve, enhance and refine the wonderful fruit characters of this wine.

Food Pairing

Pinot Grigio pairs well with goat cheese pancetta and arugula pizza, Thai chicken with basil, smoked trout, estoufee, grilled jumbo shrimp, spaghetti and clam sauce or sunny afternoons. Click here to view recipes from Mess Hall.

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