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A Trip to Grocery Outlet Makes The Wino See Red in a New Light

By: Leslie Kelly

"If you've got a crew coming over for a holiday shindig, grab a box of easy sippin' Big House Red. That's right, those boxed wines have come a long way since they were the hallmark of standard swill...Buy this clever box and for about $18, you get the equivalent of more than four bottles. It's almost like shopping in the bulk section.

Top Ten wine Trends in 2011

By: Laurie Forster

"As we wind down the remaining days of 2011 it is interesting to look back and reflect on the year of wine. Here are my thoughts on the Top Ten Wine Trends of 2011.

Thinking Outside the Bottle. Consumers are more and more comfortable with alternative packaging like the dreaded box. Premium boxes like...Big House are giving consumers a tastier option in box wine."

Big House Wine Review

By: Lisa Whitham
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"When I first found out about Big House Wines I thought the name was awesome! I love it! Ok but really? Why this name? A little history on why the Big House name - the winery that is located in Monterey County, California and is very close to a State Correctional Facility. The name of the winery puts a little smile on my face, but the name of the wines are even better! They include Big House Red, Big House White, Unchained, The Usual Suspect, Cardinal Zin, The Birdman, and you can't forget the Slammer. Big House Wines would make a fun and cute gift for any wine lover for the holidays, but not only that they'll bring a smile to anyone's face. They are not only fun, but they are great wines too! I received a bottle of the Big House White and thought it was great. It is a nice light and crisp wine. It also has a hint of fruit too it, but this is not a sweet wine! I really enjoyed the Big House White! I also received a bottle of the Big House Red. I enjoyed this variety too. It has a great flavor and we enjoyed it's rich flavor. All the varieties of Big House Wine come with a screwcap in the 750 mL size. You can also purchase Big House Wines in a neat 3L size that comes in a neat wine cask (this keeps wine fresh for up to 6 weeks). All the varieties retail for $9.99 on their website and that's a great price for a great wine!"

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